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How to make money on Telegram bot channel group in india 2020

Messenger marketing is a cutting-edge strategy which provides countless opportunities for marketers. Telegram is one of the tools that seems to be cut out for marketing purposes. People use it to communicate, find answers to their questions, get customer support and reach out to brands. In this post, we’ll tell you how to earn money on Telegram,and share some actionable tips on creating and promoting your Telegram channel. Besides, you’ll learn how to make money using Telegram bots and how to track your Telegram campaigns.

What is Telegram

Telegram is a cloud-based fast-growing messaging app. It is available both for desktop and mobile and is known for its high-level of information security.

Despite being banned in Russia and Iran, Telegram is widely spread in these countries as well as in Ethiopia, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan. Also, it’s gathering momentum in Europe and the USA as it’s perfect both for communication and for marketing purposes. Statista reports that there were about 76,000 Telegram downloads to Android devices in Great Britain in January 2020. As for the USA, according to Statista, Telegram was the tenth most popular mobile messaging app in the country as of September 2019.

Telegram has a competitive edge over other messengers both in terms of communication and monetization as it allows users to create full-fledged easy-to-make channels. Another advantage of Telegram is that there is no advertising on the app. This attracts educated audiences who are in the know about the latest online trends.

Telegram statistics

Here are some facts about Telegram which may be useful to marketers.

About 15 billion messages are sent daily on the app.

The app has spent $0 on advertising.

85% of Telegram users are on Android devices.

Telegram is available in 13 languages.

There are 67% men and about 33% women on Telegram.

The largest age groups are 25-34-year-olds (38%) and 18-24-year-olds (27%).

What makes Telegram a good monetization channel?

There are many ways to make money via Telegram. But what makes it so good for monetization? Here are some things which make the app a perfect money-making tool.

The audience on Telegram is active, educated and well-off.

There’s no advertising on the platform, so people aren’t prone to banner blindness. That’s why they’re more likely to respond to your marketing efforts in a positive way.

Telegram marketing is a new strategy, so the competition is relatively low.

Open rates on Telegram are higher in comparison with other marketing methods.

Messenger marketing resembles 1:1 communication, which allows marketers to create a seamless user experience.

Telegram allows marketers to deliver relevant content to their followers.

Creating a Telegram channel is free and doesn’t require any special skills. Telegram channels have an unlimited number of subscribers, so you can send messages to a great number of users.

You can build a customer-facing chatbot to achieve your marketing goals. A bot can save you a lot of time as it can serve many purposes, for example, provide your customers with the information they request and send them videos, documents, images, etc.

There are private channels which provide extra monetization options.

User information is well-protected.

The app is user friendly.

Push notifications in Telegram channels help people keep track of what you’re posting.

You can set a self-destruct timer to delete messages which are relevant only for a short period, for example, when announcing some limited-time offers.

You can pin the most important messages at the top of the channel. This will help you attract users’ attention to the most important information.

You can transfer files of bozer trends different formats on the app.

How to build and promote a Telegram channel

Channels are great tools to help you make money through Telegram. Here’s a step-by-step guide on building a Telegram channel.

How to create a Telegram channel

To create a new channel on iPhone, go to the chats tab and tap New message in the top-right corner.

Then, click on the New channel option.

To create a channel on Android, open the list of chats and click on the Menu icon.

Then, select New channel.

Create a channel name, upload a channel photo and add an optional description.

Set your channel settings. You can either make it public or private. Public channels can be found in Telegram search and anyone can join them. Private channels can be joined only via an invite link.

The next step is to add users to your private channel if you opt for one.

Appoint admins to help you manage the channel. For this, tap the information button in the top-right corner of your channel and then, select the Administrators section. Then, add admins.

Once you’ve chosen the right user from your list of contacts, you can choose what a new admin can do, for example, change channel info, post messages, delete messages, etc.

How to grow and promote your Telegram channel

Once you’ve created a channel, it’s time to grow your following and start monetizing your efforts. Here are some easy-to-follow tips on how to make money on Telegram channels and increase your audience.

Create a name that is easy to remember and that reflects the personality of your brand. Don’t be a copycat, think of a unique name. This will help you stand out from your bozel langrisser competitors.

Make sure your logo is memorable and reflects your brand and its values.

Enlist your brand’s benefits in your Channel description.

Create top-quality, compelling content that will strike a chord with your audience and provide solutions to their pain points. Use various content formats, including photos, gifs, short videos, etc.

Watermark your images or videos. This will help you get more eyes on your channel.

Post consistently. Map out a posting schedule and stick to it.

Make sure there’s no irrelevant or outdated content on your channel. This may be off-putting for the newcomers. If you find content like this, delete it.

Promote your channel on social media and Q&A platforms like Quora.

Use your blog to promote your Telegram channel. For this, place a link to your channel on your blog and vice versa, embed a Bonin trading |very simple app to make 30000rs per month| bozer trading This is very easy you just need to invest 100rs and聽… link to your blog in the bio of your channel.

Host giveaways on your channel or offer a lead magnet.

Join groups in your niche and participate in discussions actively. Promote your channel in the discussions you’re taking part in.

Never change the theme of your channel. If you need to expand the range of topics, choose some related to the main theme.

List your channel in channel directories.

Personalize your channel with the help of Telegram stickers. Apart from adding some fun to the channels, branded stickers are perfect for boosting your brand awareness and increasing engagement on your channel.

Don’t get too carried away and post too often. The never-ending deluge of messages may scare your followers off.

How to monetize your Telegram channel

Now we’ll answer the daunting question many Telegram newbies have—how can I make money on Telegram channels? Here are some Inorbit Mall Colour Trading || 100% winning Tricks || Inorbit Mall Tips And Tricks || Trading tricks Website link 聽… ways to monetize your Telegram channel.

Selling advertisements or paid posts on your channel.

Though there’s no paid advertising on Telegram, marketers still need to promote their channels and grow their following. So, one of the ways out is to advertise on other channels. Make sure you promote only trustworthy and reputable channels related to your niche. Otherwise, such advertising can undermine your reputation.

Charging a fee for joining a private channel.

Another way to monetize a Telegram channel is to charge people a fee for joining it. Usually, the strategy works the following way. You create a public channel (or an account on social media) which you promote and in which you provide exceptionally valuable content. Also, you create a private Telegram channel in which users can get access to premium content for a fee.

Selling and promoting your products or services.

You can also use the platform to sell your products or services. For this, you’ll have to run a Select all the cells of a worksheet that contains a specific value with this awesome Excel trick. This video shows the highly聽… content-related channel and promote your product. For example, if you provide educational services, you can offer users valuable educational content.

You can also promote an app and provide your audience with an overview of its new features.

Raising funds.

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Affiliate marketing.

The crux of affiliate marketing is that affiliates are paid a commission whenever a visitor redirected through their affiliate links performs a desired action on the advertiser’s website.

This money-making strategy is one of the most lucrative ones on Telegram. To earn on the app, you should promote third-party products or services, for example, Amazon products and share your affiliate link. When a visitor buys a product after clicking on your link, you get an affiliate commission.

Telegram is perfect for promoting time-limited offers, for example, last-minute offers in travel. So, you can create a Telegram bot which will help people search for a product, for example, for flight tickets and accommodation, and This is game play of new game Suder ..Only for entertainment purposes. get a commission whenever a visitor books via your affiliate link.

Creating Telegram bots for other people.

If you’re good at it, you can create bots for other businesses. Creating a bot isn’t a difficult task but requires some technical knowledge and creativity.

Selling stickers.

Stickers play an important role in Telegram marketing. So, if you’re a creative mind, you can create and sell stickers for different Telegram channels.

Consulting people on Telegram promotion.

Once you’ve created and grown your channel and learned the ins and outs of Telegram promotion, you can drive income from sharing your expertise with other people. For example, you can consult people on how to create and use a bot, what niche to choose, what content Joinig link: https://www.bozerclubs.com/account/login?invite_key=32407612 DM me for more info Whatsaap 8904251878. performs better in different niches, etc.

Creating and selling Telegram channels.

You can create and grow channels for businesses making the most of your experience and expertise.

Becoming a virtual Telegram assistant.

You can help other people manage and promote their Telegram channels. For this, you’ll have to create content, publish it consistently, communicate with advertisers and clients, etc.

Driving traffic to your blog.

You can use Telegram to boost traffic influx to your blog or website.

How to make money with Telegram bots

What is a Telegram bot? It’s a Telegram account run by software, not a person.

Telegram bots give the app a competitive advantage over other messengers. Bots can serve a lot of marketing purposes and can save marketers a lot of legwork when communicating with clients. Telegram bots can:

Provide real-time customer support


Share information

Help perform searches

Remind users of some events


Integrate with other services


Process orders, etc.

Bots are used to boost communication with clients and help solve their pain points. In this post, you can learn how to build a Telegram bot from scratch.

6 characteristics of a great Telegram bot

A good bot is user-friendly with easy-to-understand menus and a simple interface.

The communication with a chatbot mimics 1-1 communication.

The bot provides users with valuable content.

Your clients know they are communicating with a bot, not a person.

There’s a well-developed sequence of messages which help reveal the interests and problems of a user.

There is a human touch to your bot and it even demonstrates a sense of humor.

How can you advertise on Telegram?

There is no paid advertising on Telegram. However, it doesn’t mean that there are no paid ways to promote your channel. Paid promotion is possible on other Telegram channels and groups in your niche. All you have to do is to contact the channel admin and specify how you can get advertised on their channel. Cross-promotion is another way to get more followers on Telegram.

You can also promote your Telegram channel on other social media, for example, in your Facebook group or on Instagram.

Besides, you can have your channel listed in Telegram catalogs, for example, in:

8,000+ Telegram Channels, Groups

Bots and Stickers List

Largest catalogue of Telegram channels. Statistics, analytics, TOP chart. Telegram Analytics

Best Telegram Channels List 2020 – How to Join Them, etc.

How can you track Telegram campaigns?

It’s vital to track your Telegram campaigns to see what performs best and what resonates with your audience most. Getting this information can help you make improvements and tweak your campaigns for success.

On Telegram, there are several main metrics to assess, including subscribers and views for channels, and members, the number of messages and activity for chats. How can you get this data? There are several ways.

Manually. You can study the information Telegram provides you with and analyze the number of times users interacted with your content, and how fast your audience is growing.

Using UTM tags.

Using promo codes.

Using third-party analytics tools and bots, for example, @ChannelAnalyticsBot, @TGStat Alert Bot, Telegram Analytics, Popsters, Chainfuel, etc.

Can you make money on Telegram in 2020?

Sure. The earning potential of the app is huge. But, though Telegram offers a lot of money-making opportunities, you have to invest a lot of time and effort to get your Telegram business off the ground.

So, you need to work hard, create top-notch valuable content, post consistently, build a loyal following and make sure you are one step ahead of your competitors. And, if you play your cards right, eventually, Telegram will become a lucrative revenue stream for you.

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