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How to Make Money on You Tube – Step by Step Guide for India students 2021

YouTube is the most popular video sharing website from Google. It is the best way to new colour prediction website php earn money from home. You coem withdrawal time don’t need to have a website or blog to start making income. You just need good ideas, useful content and camera to shoot your videos. There are thousands of people that are already generating 5 to 7 figure monthly income from YouTube. But you have to choose channel niche according to your knowledge or interests.

There are a lot of options like online tutorials, Do it yourself videos, beauty and makeup etc. You should choose the best option for which you have true passion. We will share some popular video ideas too in the last section of this post.

Let’s check out the easy steps to start a YouTube channel and how to generate income from it.

Step 1: Signup with YouTube

This is very first step to get started with YouTube. You have to sign up with your Google (Gmail) account. It is an easy process to proceed bozer shop whatsapp group with YouTube.

Step 2: Create YouTube Channel

After the completion of sign up process, you need to create your YouTube Channel where you will upload your content (videos).

On YouTube homepage click on the bar on left side of screen

Click on ‘My Channel’ as shown in the screen shot

A form will be shown, enter your channel name in this form and click on create channel

In the next box enter a catchy channel description that clearly describes your channel niche and click done

Now, your channel is all set to upload videos.

Step 3: Upload videos

After setting up the channel you can upload your videos from the option on the top right corner

On clicking this upload option you will be directed to next page that looks like this:

Click on ‘Select files 啻氞淳啻ㄠ到 啻嗋处嗟嵿疮啻淳啻纯啻熰祶啻熰淳啻`祶 啻曕淳啻`祦啻ㄠ祶啻ㄠ搐嗟嗋礄嗟嵿磿啻苦到 Subscribe 啻氞祮啻祶啻む纯啻熰祶啻熰纯啻侧祶啻侧祮啻權祶啻曕纯嗟?Subscribe 啻氞祮啻祶啻祦啻?DON’T聽… to upload’, choose your file and upload it.

Step 4: Add Video details

After uploading your file you need to insert title, description, tags for the video. All the details are extremely important to find your videos in YouTube.

Step 5: Video Thumbnail

Select video thumbnail from the options or you can upload custom thumbnail too.

Step 6: Making your video Public

Choose “Public” option from privacy settings, select a right category and save your video settings.

Step 7: Making money from YouTube channel

To start making money you have to setup Google AdSense account. But you can setup AdSense account only if your channel becomes eligible for it. You have to upload useful videos that attract visitors. Start uploading videos on regular basis that help WITHDRAWAL is working successfully聽… your viewers or are In this tutorial, let us learn How To Count Dates By Day Of Week in Excel In this example, I have got some dates like this on left聽… knowledgeable for them.

Note: It is extremely easy to get AdSense approval on YouTube Channels in comparison to blogs or websites.

If you follow all these steps then you will surely be able to make handsome income from YouTube.

Popular YouTube Money Making ideas!!

Here are some latest ideas that you can choose for your Video channel:

Beauty Channel

Fashion and Lifestyle

Do it Yourself Videos

Online Tutorials (study, sewing, painting etc.)

Mimicry and funny videos

Web series

All these are some latest popular ways to make money through YouTube. Hope this post helps you

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